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"Rappelles toi, l'appareil est la pour te célébrer, pas pour te juger ou définir qui tu es."

In this day and age, many women feel pressured to look and act a certain way, to tick a box they were placed in and try to fit the image that has been created for us. It’s difficult to stop picking on our ‘flaws’ and simply appreciate our bodies for what they are.

I came with the mindset that no matter what, it would be a powerful experience and I would love the final result and this confidence really shone through my photos. Positive self-talk is also so important, even if you don’t necessarily believe it. Your brain can be a funny thing and turn nervousness into confidence purely through self-talking. Remember, the camera is there to capture and celebrate you, not judge or define who you are. Shower yourself with love and imagine that every flash of the camera is someone blowing a kiss.♥

  • "I don't regret at all taking my courage to do it. I have now wonderful photo of me forever."
    Miss N.
    Miss N.
  • "I never did it before and I was very easy because Francois showed me how to pose this way. Definitely a how do as soon as you can."
    Miss N.
    Miss N.
  • "This experience give me the opportunity to realise that I could doing it, something I didn't know about me."
    Miss T.
    Miss T.
  • "I didn't imagine how this photoshoot could transform myself like this."
    Miss M.
    Miss M.


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La transformation

Avant & Apres

Did you love yourself better and better with the age and years?

Probably not but do you still think it’s possible?
If I guarantee you that a simple Boudoir session can reconcile with your body straight away?
Did you catch the occasion or renounce forever?

The reality is much better than you can imagine,

Just have a look at the transformation that our makeup and hair stylish team do.
You will discover the better version of you.
And I will do my best to direct you to snap the best image of you.

La dream team


You deserve the best for your experience. This team is awesome! They are extremely professional and complementary. When they don’t take care of you they are working with the most famous celebrities in Laos.

Francois Hervy

Tam Khounphouvong
Public Relation

Hair & Makeup Artist Senior

Hair & Makeup Artist Senior
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