Why telling investment

Let's talk about it

Why are we talking about investment and not pricing?
This is because you don’t only buy some nice photos of yourself but you also invest in your personal development.
When you invest in a Boudoir Photoshoot you are looking to surpass yourself and feel grown and stronger from this experience and here is the main difference.

Can we compare a Boudoir shoot with a therapeutic consultation?
In one sense it is a big YES, because after the photoshoot and when the client sees the result it can be so powerful that this can change their life.

Alright, are you ready to take action or just curious ?
In both ways you take a new step in the process.

« The experience » is a photoshoot and I charge 399 USD.

That included:
– Hair and Makeup with Professional Stylist
– 2 hours of photos session with 5 outfits
– Complimentary Portrait headshot with professional editing
– Reveal session

The experience doesn’t include pictures that are charged separately. I will be very happy to present to you the different Collections I designed for you to propose the best value of your pictures. (Collection starts at $599)

I also organize « Boudoir Mini Session », that is a Boudoir Session limited to 30 min photoshoot and 5 digital edited pictures. This is the best way to experience Boudoir Photoshoot before doing a full Boudoir Experience like described above.

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